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Management System

struttura produttiva The Ilsap Biopro plant is divided in two distinct yet compatible units which can operate autonomously or in coordination.

The transesterification plant produces 200 tons of biodiesel and 20 tons of glycerine daily, the refinery plant produces 20 tons per day of refined oils through animal fats and vegetable oils at the end of their utilization cycle, or from the collection and recovery process and Non-Food oils.

lsap Biopro has a continuous operations cycle, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. The presence of a modern chemistry lab allows to produce oils and fuels of consistent and controlled quality, guaranteeing  qualitative uniformity to the end product regardless of the chemical characteristics present in the raw or semi-processed materials.

Ilsap Biopro’s Environmental Impact Management System is designed and realized in conformity with standards set by ISO 14001 norm.